Zen Aku on 2020-04-06
Patch Notes (04/06/2020) [Server Updates]

-Fixed scythe of vitur damage. "now does multiple hits at once"

-Fixed Crafting Skill Cape teleport

-Updated some of the shops (Still a work in progress & need to add items)

-Fixed clipping at home, can no longer noclip through walls / objs (test more please)

-Yell: Anyone can now yell if the player count is below 25

New theme New Life

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Hey my name is Rain! 😄


I am 24 years old love playing OSRS but decided to get back into an RSPS and have chosen Death's Server and have not regretted it since!

I work 5 days a week as an engineer and play as much as I can as I am already addicted! 😄

I play an Ironman Skiller in game RSN: 3, and I also play a Hardcore Main RSN: Rain.


Any question please feel free to ask.




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