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Custom items/bosses

Custom items/bosses

Added slayer interface

You can block up to 4 tasks
    100 points for normals
    95 points for regular donator
    90 for super
    80 for extreme
    75 for legendary
    60 for ultra
    50 for platinum
Base slayer points per task:
    50 for biggerboss tasks
    40 for boss
    35 for wildy
    30 for hard
    20 for medium
    15 for low
Donators get +5, +7, +10, +15, +20, +25 points based on rank

Slayer events give 50% more points

Added Turael - you can skip tasks for free but it'll reset your consecutive tasks

Added consectutive tasks
    10th tasks - x2 points
    50th tasks - x5 points
    100th tasks - x10 points
    250th tasks - x15 points
    1000th tasks - x25 points

Added superior slayer monsters - you must unlock the ability for 150 points first

Superior slayer monsters will currently only have a chance at dropping 3 types of imbued hearts, until we add in the drop tables

Added cave horrors to drop black masks

Added ability to create slayer helmets for 200 points

Removed slayer helmets from slayer store

Added ability to imbue slayer helmets for 150 points - once unlocked use the "buy" tab to imbue your slayer helmets

You can purchase slayer exp for 50 points (25k xp for non hardcore)

Added cannon, slayer staff, iban staff to slayer store

Added biggerboss tasks - you'll get between 5 and 15 more npcs to kill along with 10 extra slayer points, unlock this for 100 points

Updated premium box price to 20 credits

Players in donator zone get a 10% xp buff

Renamed some shop npcs to clarify what they are

Fixed moss giant and abyssal monarchs